Do you experience overwhelming moments of rage that govern your thoughts and actions?

Do you experience overwhelming moments of rage that govern your thoughts and actions? Are you prone to sudden outbursts or destructive behavior patterns that later leave you embarrassed or ashamed? Perhaps you break video game controllers, remote controls, cell phones or other personal possessions to find a sense of relief, but only feel remorse and regret. You may feel helpless to control your emotional outbursts and unsure how to reconcile the effects they have on your family, co-workers or friends. It may be that you constantly worry that the next episode will cost you your career, your relationships or worse. Do you suffer from a silent, simmering rage that consumes you, and you wish you could understand why you feel so angry and learn how to better process your emotions for your own peace of mind? Do you wish you could find out who you really are beneath the layers of rage and discover a sense of happiness, calm and ease?

Managing anger issues alone can be a frustrating, confusing and isolating experience. You may work in an environment where a blow-up could have enormous consequences, so you spend the day straining to control your emotions. The ride home makes matters worse as you sweat in traffic, or listen to horrible news on the radio or the pounding music from the next car. Then, you take all the repressed anger and bitterness home to a partner or family who loves you, but finds your unpredictability disturbing. No matter how hard you try, the anger is written on your face. Your spouse gives you the cold shoulder or your children or friends avoid you until you find yourself trapped in a frustrating world of your own making – one in which you have no control. Or, perhaps you find yourself unable to hold it all in, and you feel increasingly helpless as angry outbursts cost you opportunities, relationships and connection. Maybe you feel like you don’t have any choice in how you live your life.

Anger Is A Very Common And Natural Emotion

It’s not surprising that many people struggle with controlling anger. We live in a time when news is broadcast around the clock, showing the world’s most brutal and reckless aggression. Reality shows, movies and video games depict violence, emotional outbursts and destructive behavior as an acceptable form of expression – but behavior like that in the real world just doesn’t work.

However, society is not solely to blame. Anger issues can also result from personal experiences that may have caused you to develop – consciously or unconsciously – flawed mechanisms for dealing with challenges. It could be that your parents couldn’t provide you with a model of healthy communication. Maybe you lived in a household where displays of anger were not allowed, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, one in which chronic anger was rampant. Regardless of the particulars of your situation, your past experiences can all contribute to how you deal with stress and conflict in the present.

We all experience anger: it’s a natural part of life. It can mobilize and galvanize you to take action, and it also plays a part in any healthy relationship when effectively managed. It’s only when anger starts to control you – and you stop controlling the anger – that it becomes a problem. Fortunately with an understanding and skilled therapist, counseling for anger issues can help you find happiness, tranquility and relief from your rage.

Anger Management Counseling Can Help

As a former business executive, I know from personal experience how anger issues combined with intense stress can slowly erode everything of value in your life. But, I have also seen firsthand how counseling can improve your quality of life. With counseling for your chronic or repressed anger, you can learn to develop healthier coping mechanisms and more effective ways of expressing yourself in stressful, frustrating or troublesome situations.

lightning bolt in dark skyI offer a safe and non-judgmental environment where we can explore the nature of your anger, whether seething or explosive, repressed or chronic. Because everyone’s anger originates from different experiences or for different reasons, I approach each client uniquely. As we investigate the possible roots of your issues and triggers that might ignite rage, we can also look at the negative impact anger has on your life and your health. I can help you begin to let go of the harmful coping mechanisms developed from past experiences while arming you with the tools you need to manage your intense emotions successfully in the present. And, while I do offer understanding and compassionate care, I also emphasize accountability and awareness. I will encourage you to recognize the harmful effects anger issues can have and the importance of dealing with them in the present.

In sessions, I can show you how to set healthy boundaries for your anger, identify when it is appropriate (and even needed) and offer you anger management strategies that will allow you to take control over your emotions and actions. I can teach you how to slow down when you feel anger rising and become more aware and less reactive to your feelings. With support and guidance, you can work through the difficult physical sensations of rage and anger and begin to assert yourself in healthier ways. No matter how intense things feel right now, it is possible to calm the storm inside you.

I think counseling could help, but I still have a few questions or concerns…

I’ve already been to an anger management group, and it didn’t help.

Counseling groups can be helpful to some people, but often they are not enough. Because anger can be so intense and invasive, individual counseling can offer greater resources for understanding, coping and healing. You are a unique individual with unique issues and needs. By working directly with a skilled therapist, you can develop greater insight into your specific issues and learn effective, practical, real world solutions you can apply to your situation in the present.

I don’t think I have the time or the money for this.

Consider both the cost that unresolved anger issues have already had on your life and the potential future cost to work, family and your personal wellbeing. Studies have proven that those who deal with anger issues alone or simply ignore them have a significantly greater risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke and developing heart disease or respiratory problems. So, not only can counseling help you be a better partner or a more efficient employee, it can also potentially prolong your life by years. In the end, the time and money you dedicate to anger management therapy is an investment in everything you love and care about, including yourself.

I feel like my problems are mostly the result of other people.

Dealing with anger issues alone can feel like you are in a constant battle of defending yourself against a world conspiring against you. The rage, the persistent bad thoughts or feeling of being a victim seems justified. And while anger is sometimes warranted, if you are dealing with anger issues alone, the lines of responsibility for your own emotions can become blurred. With counseling for anger issues, I can show you how the people around you ultimately have a very limited ability to control what you feel or do while emphasizing your responsibility and exercising your incredible ability to control your own emotions and behavior.

You Don’t Have To Manage Chronic Anger Alone

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