Does Worry, Fear or Anxious Feelings Get In The Way of Being Able to Live Your Life Fully?

Is an unexplained feeling of doom and dread making everyday tasks nearly impossible? Are persistent negative thoughts preventing you from engaging with the world or forming successful relationships? Perhaps a sense of ever-present worry is keeping you from experiencing new things or participating in activities you once loved? The prospect of performing or speaking in front of people may cause you so much fear that you shut down and become unable to operate—even when you’ve done it a hundred times before. Maybe you regularly feel unable to relax, slow down or deal with stress like other people seem to do and you wish you knew why. Have you experienced uncontrollable panic attack symptoms, such as a racing heart or difficulty breathing, that leave you incapacitated, exhausted and fearful of doing anything that could trigger another one? Do you wish you could just feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy your life?

Trying to manage anxiety symptoms alone can be a daunting and discouraging task. Despite your best efforts to control it, the worry can rob you of sleep, leaving you irritable and tired throughout the day. You may avoid new situations or dread activities you once loved because of a persistent, intrusive fear that suddenly invades every part of your life. The inability to control your emotions or fear of another panic attack can leave you feeling weak or vulnerable. And, you may feel confused and wonder why you can’t just relax, which only complicates matters and leaves you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

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Anxiety is Extremely Prevalent In Our Society

Anxiety is one of the most common and successfully treatable psychological issues in America. It’s estimated that 18 percent of the entire adult US population suffers from some type of anxiety disorder. Increasingly difficult jobs and educational demands, longer commutes, stress over family-career balance and an uncertainty about the future can all contribute to the development of anxiety symptoms. Generalized, performance and social anxiety can all have a devastating impact on your quality of life often creating harmful physical effects, such as muscle tension, IBS, chronic indigestion and an increased risk of heart attack and heart disease. And, while not all anxiety is a serious issue, when the fear or worry becomes excessive or irrational and prevents you from living the life you want, then it has become a problem. Whatever your situation may be, counseling for anxiety can help you find an inner peace amid the chaos and fear.

Anxiety Counseling Can Offer You Greater Control Over Your Emotions

Anxiety treatment can be a very effective tool in helping control your persistent apprehension, fear or worrisome thoughts. If you’ve tried avoidance, self-medication or other coping mechanisms, but found that they just haven’t worked, you are probably feeling like life is impossible or that you just want to give up. A skilled, experienced professional can help you find sustainable relief and make lasting changes in your life. In seeking counseling for anxiety, you have nothing to lose and so very much to gain.

In our anxiety treatment sessions, I acknowledge the impact that anxiety has had on your physical, mental and social life and the importance of finding a solution. Then we can begin to investigate your unique triggers for panic or anxiety attacks and develop healthy strategies to confront and accept challenges that currently seem overwhelming. With my guidance, you can develop grounding techniques and coping mechanisms to prevent you from being flooded with fear in both personal and professional situations. I can teach you how to breathe through the flood of anxiety and soothe the physical sensations of panic – how to loosen up, shore up your confidence and find safety in your immediate environment or situation. You will learn to examine your underlying beliefs and fears and learn how to apply acceptance rather than avoidance. We may even simulate real-life scenarios to help you incrementally become more comfortable with seemingly stressful or frightening situations. I can also provide you with muscle relaxation exercises to help you sleep better, as well as mindfulness and meditation techniques that can reduce the impact of anxiety trigger mechanisms.

I provide an empathetic and confidential environment, free of judgment, where we can explore your unique experiences with this common psychological issue. We will investigate what it is that you are willing to do and what changes you are willing to make in order to feel better and function with greater ease. As we do this, we can identify your internal strengths that can bolster your confidence in times of great stress – ones you can use to defend against persistent irrational fears or sudden panic attacks.

I can also teach you to have compassion for yourself so that you stop punishing yourself and know that pain doesn’t make you weak or abnormal. Pain is human and, as we work together, you can see it for what it is and find resolution. Whether you are looking for the confidence to experience new situations, the ability to enjoy those things that once brought you pleasure or just sleep through the night peacefully, anxiety counseling can empower you to feel healthier, happier and whole.

I am thinking about seeking counseling for anxiety, but I still have a few questions or concerns…

I think I can work through this on my own if I try hard enough.

When we try to manage something on our own, we do the best we can with the knowledge and coping skills we have. But, what may seem like a common sense approach to managing stressful situations and symptoms of anxiety can actually be damaging. Avoiding people or experiences may seem like a good way to go, but with counseling, you can begin to see how confronting these issues and working to resolve them is a healthier alternative. Over time, you can learn to identify, confront, understand and finally accept your fears and manage your negative thoughts or panic attacks in a way that can potentially free you from them.

I think this is just the way I was made – can therapy really change that?

Psychology has proven that the human brain can change through practice and conditioning. By addressing, confronting and understanding what makes you tick, you can actually make physical changes to your brain that influence how you perceive the world. Just as anything in life, if you practice, you will get better. Likewise, if we work together on confronting your social, general or performance anxiety, you can learn to manage and overcome your fears.

I am already in a bad place – why should I try anxiety counseling?

If an anxiety disorder has taken over your life, adversely affecting your relationships, career or health, you owe it to yourself to seek help. We are all meant to experience whole, fulfilled lives, but dealing with anxiety alone can leave you feeling like you are only living half of a life. And though it may seem embarrassing to ask someone for help, so many people have had their lives vastly improved through counseling. It is possible for you to feel happy, and compassionate treatment for anxiety can help.

You Don’t Have To Deal With Your Anxiety On Your Own

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